Ticket sale – types of sale:

  • Via points of sale (POS)
  • Via call centre
  • Via the Internet
  • Via B to B
  • Via E-Ticket, whereby customers print their ticket using their own printer from any computer having Internet access. Holders of E-Ticket are admitted to the event once the bar-code appearing on the E-Ticket has been read at the entrance of the venue.
  • Via M-Ticket, whereby customers download their ticket(s) into their mobile phone as a picture(s) or pdf file. M-Ticket holders are admitted to the event once the 2D-code appearing on their mobile phone has been read at the entrance of the venue.


Programming possibilities and related features:

Ticketsoft provides to the event organizer virtually endless possibilities including the following features:

  • An unlimited number of event venues (auditoriums, stadiums, halls) managed simultaneously.
  • An unlimited number of venue configurations: reserved seats, standing room, unnumbered seats (general admission), boxes, club seats, capability of any arrangement of the auditorium based on technical requirements or event organizer's requirements).
  • An unlimited number of seats for any given event.
  • An unlimited number of price categories per event.
  • An unlimited number of seat reservation categories ("reserved seats", "organizer", "sale stopped" etc.) per event.
  • An unlimited number of tax configurations per event.
  • An unlimited number of ticket price components: various fees may be added to the ticket price such as service charge, parking fee, venue fee, Fan Club fee, etc., these various fee may be added by the event organizer or the ticketing company operating Ticketsoft; any such fees can be printed separately on the ticket, they may also not be printed or they can be simply included in some of the sales report upon the wish of the event organizer.
  • An unlimited number of client categories (regular, student, corporate, group, etc.).
  • When an event is presented in large venues such as a stadium, Ticketsoft offers the possibility to sub-divide the seat manifests into smaller sections in order to offer a better view of the selected section on the computer screen providing precise information for every seat sold either at a POS or directly purchase on the Internet by the ticket buyer.
  • Ticketsoft allows easy configuration of payment types, including payment in cash, by credit cards, cash on delivery (mail and courier order), bank transfer, invoices, coupons (fidelity coupons, gift coupons, vouchers), etc.
  • Ticketsoft is able to record and process information pertaining to each ticket buyer and each transaction performed on a event.
  • Ticketsoft is able to sort the collected data concerning each sold tickets and each transaction performed by the software for either marketing or statistics purposes.
  • Ticketsoft also allows the possibility of reserving a ticket for a fee to be added later on when the ticket is actually purchased.
  • Ticketsoft allows the possibility to have an unlimited amount of different service charges for the same event whereby such service charge may vary for each of the different ticket price of the event.
  • Ticketsoft includes a full-text search usable for events and for ticket buyers.
  • Ticketsoft bears of a very precise configuration of user rights providing specific rights tailored especially for every one interacting with the software as a ticket seller, a manager, and administrator, etc.
  • Ticketsoft offers a continuous access to the event organizers, allowing them to obtain information about their event such as the status of their ticket sales for a specific event or a group of events.
  • Ticketsoft is able to generate all kinds of reports necessary for the evaluation of business operations, such as POS sales report, event sales report, venue sales report, payment methods report, reports for the numbers of tickets sold, available, booked and free tickets for an event or for a selected group of events.
  • Ticketsoft is capable of issuing season tickets (printing a single ticket allowing its holder to visit several events) and subscription ticket (printing in one transaction tickets for all events included in the predetermined subscription).



Technical features:

Ticketsoft technical specification makes it a tool of extreme versatility. It is designed to be able to answer the needs of the event organizer whatever the event is wherever this event is staged. Some of these features are:

  • Depending on the setting of the computer at the point of sale, the client application is able to communicate in any chosen language. Ticketsoft is designed for easy localization in the selected part of the world. The webshop currently communicates in Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, English, Estonian, German, Greek, Hungarian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Russian, Spanish and Slovak.
  • Ticketsoft supports any printer types (laser printers, ink jet printers, specific printers for thermal paper – BOCA, printers for printing on chip cards – Zebra).
  • Each ticket emitted by Ticketsoft contains an unpredictable sixteen (16) digit serial number, reproduced on the ticket numerically as well as via a bar-code.
  • Ticketsoft records all ticket transactions related to all events on sale at any give time.
  • Ticketsoft servers are protected from the outside world by powerful "firewalls".
  • Ticketsoft is supported 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Ticketsoft’s technical team is ready to intervene whenever necessary.
  • Ticketsoft is ready for implementation of any electronic payment gateway needed to process any electronic payments made via credit cards and debit cards.



Additional Features:

  • The "Gatekeeper" module. Access control is one of the most important features of Ticketsoft. This Access Control is performed by the Gatekeeper module. The Gatekeeper module allows for simultaneous validation of every ticket allowing admission to the venue, as bar-code printed on each ticket are read, and emission of tickets for that same event. The bar-codes contained on each ticket are read using either a handheld wireless Symbol computer (PDA connected to a wireless network) or turnstiles or a combination of both.
  • The "Easy Gate" module. Easy Gate is a simplified version of Gatekeeper for event for which the presale has been stopped several hours before starting the admission of the ticket holders. Once the event presale has stopped all the sold tickets are loaded to the PDA and the validation procedure is performed. Easy Gate functions without having to deploy a complete wireless network at the venue where the tickets are validated.
  • The "Deeplink" module. This module allows linking any website to the Ticketsoft transactional module whereby each of these websites immediately become a virtual POS. These POS can monitor at any given time, via the Internet, the number of tickets sold, the amount of money earned, etc.
  • The "Promoter Access" module. This module allows the set-up of a secure Internet access for the event organizers, providing them with a 24-hour access to real time sales reports pertaining to their events. The event organizers are also able to use this module if they need to stop the sale of tickets on one or all of their events.
  • The "Fidelity Club" module. This module allows the establishment of fidelity clubs such as the various Ticketpro clubs in operation in several countries in the world.
  • The "Portable Phone Sale" (M-Ticket) module. This module allows the sale of tickets using wireless digital devices, such as telephones with an activated data plan, or using other technologies which are currently used or which will start to be used in the near future.
  • Ticketsoft may be customized to suit the needs of the ticketing network requirement. Thus it is possible, for example, to implement an interface allowing the communication of the SW with other ticketing networks, to prepare automated export of data (date, time, venue, name of event) to the database of events, to export of data from the Software to accounting, etc.
  • All types of sales take place simultaneously and in real time. Ticketsoft provides the ticket buyer with an access to the best available tickets at the moment such ticket is purchased regardless of the method of purchase (POS, Internet, Call Centre, etc.).
  • The Software enables selection of specific seats via the Internet.
  • Data pertaining to every ticket sold is recorded in Ticketsoft’s database. Each ticket emitted by Ticketsoft contains a bar-code. The bar-code allows the validation of the ticket in Ticketsoft’s database and it also contains the following information:
    • The date and time of purchase of the ticket
    • The place where the ticket was purchased
    • The identity of the ticket seller
    • The payment method used by the ticket buyer (cash, credit card, coupon, a combination of payment methods, etc.)
    • The name and other personal information of the ticket buyer when the ticket has been purchased via the Internet or via the business department of the ticketing company (i.e. group sales, corporate sales, fan club member sales, etc.).
    • Ticketsoft is able to generate any type of sales reports necessary for the management of ticket sales, accounting of the ticket sales, for marketing purposes or otherwise.
  • Ticketsoft allows the possibility to block any amount of tickets under a limitless amount of identified categories (media partner, event organizer, sponsor, performers, etc.) and release those tickets upon the request of the relevant partner.
  • Ticketsoft is able to limit the number of tickets sold per transaction therefore eliminating the involvement of touts and secondary market illegal operators (also known as scalpers).
  • Ticketsoft is able to be linked with any Fan Club website.