Ticketsoft Unicode edition (the Software) and all its additional modules constitute an integrated system for the preparation, production, distribution, sale and control of tickets for any events where tickets are required for entry, including, but without limitation to, theatre and film performances, musical and other artistic performances, all kinds of concerts, exhibitions, expositions, museums, congresses, conferences, all kinds of cultural and artistic shows, all sports and educational events.


The source codes of the Software and all additional modules are owned by Ticketpro Technologies, a.s. and the company is therefore capable of customizing the program according to the operators’ needs and requirements without any third party cooperation. The Software, including all additional modules, has been designed so as to satisfy the specific needs of the individual markets. Ticketsoft is currently used in countries across Western, Central and Eastern Europe, in Asia as well as in America. It is compatible with virtually any business requirements occurring at the present time in the ticketing markets across the world. Ticketpro Technologies, a.s. will continue to develop the software code and functionality based on the evolution of the international ticketing market.